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i was going to say something about mike’s solo in porch from the trieste bootleg but actually just ohmygod that whole song is just something that all of you guys should listen to i mean mike’s solo is like some sort of actually i don’t have the words right now then he fades into the background and stoney steps up and does his thing and the whole jam is wholly good for the soul. but not so much for the eye makeup. also matt right at the very end and jeff during stone’s bit and ed is just there like yeah, we rock u kno.

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I was alone and far away
When I heard the band start playing

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or maybe they were just like awh sooooo tired to come up with some combinations of some stupid songs, let’s just play the whole album, gonna fill up a third of the setlist at least

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wheres-stoney replied to your post:FULL ALBUM ??? AGAIN ????

yeah they fucked everyone tonight

how many buttholes are we going to have after this tour 

i wonder

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15. In Hiding
(This song was not a radio single. This was back when we felt we had the trust of the audience. Obviously, we still do.)
16. Push Me, Pull Me

17. All Those Yesterdays
(Now we would like to play another record for you. It’s called “Lost Dogs” and the first song goes like this!”)
18. Even Flow

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i am so devastated that i live in a timezone where it’s impossible to combine setlist parties and my studies 

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in Berlin this year Eddie dedicated Sleeping By Myself to some guys in the audience who weren’t being considerate of others

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Yield is such an important collaborative record

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